Little Image: Musings

Little Image is a indie-rock band from the distant lands of Dallas, Texas. The five piece band is lead by vocalist sibling duo Jackson and Abbie Simmons. I was able to experience the band perform live in Philadelphia and was able to see the raw passion each member had for the music they create. Their performance was even accompanied with extremely awesome visuals that placed them at the top of my list of bands to see live.

Little Image Concert

The bio on their website expresses the bands intentions very clearly in their music making process:

“We create things that come from our hearts, and it’s emptied from our souls: Good and bad experiences, things we’ve seen that we want changed, anything that has made an impact on our lives…we want to be a group that other people can relate to.”

One of my first thoughts when listening to their debut record, Musings, was that each track spoke to a different experience or thought that I have had in my life.

Genuine. Passionate. Creative

From experiencing their music, watching them perform live, and even getting to meet and talk to the band makes me come to the conclusion of these three words. Those three words are what we should be seeking in beautiful and profound storytelling. Genuine because nobody likes liars and fakes, passionate because it is real and raw and not unauthentic, and lastly creative because everyone sees a different scenario differently.

In an interview I did with Jackson I talked to him about what the markings on the album cover represent. If you look closely they are markings for grammar, like something you would see on a research paper you handed in. He talked about how we are always in the process of reflection and correction, which ties perfectly in with the title of the album, Musings


Musings is defined as “a period of reflection or thought.”

This whole album speaks to what we at A Short Story are trying to do, that is tell stories of the human experience good or bad, and we want to share that you aren’t alone in the wrestling. Many people, and many artists want to share through all the different mediums in order for you to know that they have experienced and that we want to walk through it all with each other.

Little Image’s album Musings is a truly beautiful piece of art, music, and especially storytelling. Check it out on Spotify or iTunes

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