25 Shows in 24 Hours: A Documentary

Jon Foreman is the lead singer, co-founder, and guitarist for the alternative rock band Switchfoot.

Jon Foreman is also person who has wild, wild dreams.

25 in 24 is a documentary created off the simple, yet outrageous idea that Jon thought one day. What if I played 25 different shows in 24 hours? For most people this is just a passing thought that ends at “what if”. Not for Jon, this was possible and he was going to strive to make it reality.

One characteristic that many of his bandmates and close friends realized was that Jon was never tired of music, and connecting with people through music. They could play an entire show and afterwards, Jon would grab a guitar and his harmonica and head out to the parking lot and play a few songs with fans still hanging around.

Jon Foreman Aftershow
Jon playing after a show in Sydney

Jon realized how powerful these small hour sessions post show, with just a guitar and voices, actually were. What if this could happen for just a full 24 hours? What if I played a bunch of different locations, that were important to me, that made me who I am, and assembled some people to come alongside me and play 25 shows and really form community through song?

Jon describes 25 in 24 as, “a 24-hour musical experience exploring the polarity of everyday life, taking viewers to places that only music can go. Through his journey, Foreman discovers that the road less traveled is always worth the risk, and sometimes the only way to hold on is to let go.”

The documentary was directed by Melody League, and it is a visually stunning film that only enhances how truly amazing Jon’s music and tenacity is. From the opening shot of the crashing ocean, to the intimate Mexican restaurant each shot is unique and emphasizes the overall theme of the movie.

What does it mean to wonder, to dream, to create like our creator?

The use of art, specifically music and film, to wrestle with the deeper questions of life is the essence of storytelling. Jon’s story of music spans from the time he was in ninth grade, and this film is a beautiful encapsulation of his passions, gifts, and his story to form community and spread love to a wide range of people.

This documentary was just releases in March and I would advise for anyone who is at the slightest bit interested in Jon, Switchfoot, music, or just documentaries in general, to set aside about sixty minutes to join in the wonder with Jon.


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