What is Storytelling?

Every human desires a connection with other human beings, whether it is strikingly apparent or buried deep under an individualistic facade. Through the sharing of our stories, we find similarities in them, whether it be through our joys, or more likely, our sorrows.

It’s easy for people to picture an elderly man sitting in the corner of a house, that seemingly is a time capsule to the 1960’s, talking about old war stories. People regular associate the title “storyteller” to writers like C.S. Lewis or Jack London, who are indeed storytellers, but the misconception is that storytelling is limited to fairy-tales and and old scholars.


Storytelling has a vast amount of mediums in which it can happen:


the list goes on and on for ways a human can communicate their story of the human experience.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou

More and more people are beginning to share their stories because of this continual increase in technology, but the the question then becomes:

Why Do We Tell Stories?

It was mentioned some earlier, but an argument can be made that the art of storytelling is to connect with other human beings. We connect through sharing similar experiences in this world. It’s like when you hear a song on the radio and you cannot help but notice that the song perfectly describes your life. That song would most likely become one of your favorites, and I would imagine you would be looking up tickets to their next concert. Just like songs on the radio, when we hear stories that resemble our struggles, or joys, we feel connected through these experiences.

A Short Story is a place where we share stories of struggle and of redemption, where we discuss the platforms in which stories are told, and where we highlight storytellers who are prime examples of what it means to connect humans through the telling of stories.



There is beauty in each story, no matter if you think your story isn’t exciting, we want to hear it. 

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